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Groundwater Protector Fund
  • Your tax-deductible donation supports the Groundwater Foundation's work and connects you with widespread groundwater education and protection efforts, making you part of the solution for clean, sustainable groundwater. EIN # 31-1415293

A donation of $25:

Helps provide groundwater education tools and resources to educators of all types.

A donation of $50:

Helps guide a green space manager in adopting groundwater-friendly turf management practices on their site, improving water quality and benefiting the environment.

A donation of $100:

Puts learning tools like the Awesome Aquifer Kit and they Hydrogeology Challenge into classrooms and other educational settings.

A donation of $250:

Helps provide tools, resources, support, and recognition to team working to educate people about groundwater and protect local drinking water supplies.

All gifts:

Support the Groundwater Foundation's work that provide tools, knowledge, and inspiration to help protect and conserve our precious groundwater supplies.